Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grandma Bea

First off, let me say, I love this woman to death, and this is a tribute to her. She was wonderful. I have great memories with her, counting pigs, being teased about kissing boys, and lots of others. She was such a sweet kindhearted lady. But I send her no prayers, or tears as I will soon explain. This morning my mom came in and told me the situation with her. I almost cried and then I started thinking. A few things came of it, one being the following poem

Grandma Bea
for her, I'd send my prayers
but she needs them not
as she ascends the pearly stairs
to find the place that god has got
for her, I'd send my tears
but she needs them not
for her now, there are no fears
up to heaven to find her spot
for her, I'll send my love
to her and Grandpa
in their place above
you see, I loved Grandma
but she lived a long life
happy and free
sure there was strife
but in my small self, I want to be
as much like her as I can
I'd even love pigs
and I'd marry a man
Who fishes up there with the bigs
so all the world can see
the imprint this wonderful woman
left on me
and if I can
show you her big heart
you know that I will
I'm sad we have to be apart
but above, she's in a better place still
and for her? I'd write a song
but for someone like her
it's be much to long
so i'll stick to this poem, Of that I'm sure

I will love you forever Grandma Bea!


  1. What a beautiful Poem. I am sure she will know if it, either in this life or the next. She loves you!!!!

  2. Beautiful Makae, simply beautiful. Thanks


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