Friday, March 18, 2011

Operation Spring Cleaning: Part 1

So I have cleaned out my clothes for the most part, and Alicyn is going to be doing a cut and color on my hair sometime soon, one that is a little more natural looking. My friend Emily is also joining me on Operation Spring Cleaning, so yesterday we went through all of her clothes. I am sewing some changes on some of both of our clothes and am hoping to dive into the book The Bright Red Bow as soon as my mom is done with it. I have come up with some rules for Operation Spring Cleaning
  1. No boyfriends
  2. No giving up
  3. No over eating or depressing lazy days
  4. Absolutely Positively Posilutely NO GOING BACK!!!
And again, I'm working my butt off for some money so Emily and I can go shopping for Operation Spring Cleaning so if anyone needs a babysitter, Please call :)

That's all for today :D


  1. You know what helps me get moving on lazy days? I have a checklist of what I need to do each morning, with everything on it (number one is get out of bed, number two is eat breakfast and feed the girls, then make my bed, get dressed, take my meds, etc). Then when I feel overwhelmed about the day, I can take it one teeny tiny step at a time. It definitely helps. And getting dressed everyday, rather than hanging out in my PJ's, certainly makes me feel better about myself.

  2. Sounds like you are working hard! Wish you could baby sit for me :)

  3. Love that you are so positive. Let's keep it going. Even though I know there will be setbacks, lets make them stepping stones to go over, not block us. I love you!!!!!


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