Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation Spring Cleaning: Part 2

So today my aunt is coming to do my hair. Think dark brown and Katie Holmes bob. I'm sorry for all of you that loved my long hair, but it's going away. I cleaned out my music and my clothes, and am looking at what i need to get/replace. My room is a giant mess since everything that needed to be moved out of my mom's bathroom is in there, but it will be clean soon. I am also going to *sigh* give away my black tutu. I have had it for a long time, and it's not going to fit any little girls without some changes, so unless you can sew you don't want it for your little girl. But anyone that does want it, feel free to call me, cuz I'm giving it away. It is a huge sign of my past for me and i don't see anyway around getting rid of it. I am trying really hard to just let go. Also I have some really good teen novels, rather dark, but good ones that I need to rid myself of. One is called CUT, and it used to be my favorite. Also, if anyone has hand-me downs that might fit me, I am looking for a cheap way to replace the clothes that I don't want/can't have anymore. Also, my babysitting offer is still out there, and no one has taken me up on it yet. I can be a regular day babysitter as I don't have regular school.

Homeschool is going pretty well although it is boring. My room is coming along nicely and we should get carpet in it sometime next week :) I am excited because I am going to have a jesus and spirituality wall where i am going to put all my spiritual stuff :)

Also, if anyone has any good self-help books, or spiritual books, borrowing or donating, i don't care which, I would love to read them. I am trying to get on top of my life, and yes there has been setbacks this week, but I'm still trucking on. Today my mom is going to Meet Robyn Knudsen to find out about this new type of therapy they are thinking about starting me on, so lets all hope that I can start it, and it will help.

That's all for today. :)

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