Tuesday, August 24, 2010


my treatment at lifeline is officially over. I am done. it willhave been ten months on friday, but they were not wasted months. they were some of the most important special months of my life. I have struggled and come far and i am proud of myself. i will ot give up the sobriety i have for anything. a guy said today as i said goodbye to my group that there are some people you just know will be sober and that i was one of them. that made me so happy.



  1. Congratulations Makae! I am so excited for you and so proud of all your hard work. I can't wait to see you and hear all about your plans for the new Makae! (and introduce you to your newest cousin). I love you girl, don't ever forget it.

  2. Nice work Makae! I am so glad that it was worth your time and that you are excited for your future!

  3. Wonderful! I'm proud of all your hard work. You have so many good years ahead of you.


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