Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm home

I'm home and i can be on the computer with my mom watching me. I'm still in treatment but there are 5 phases in my treatment center and I'm on 4. That means, my lovely little friends out there, I CAN CHILL WITH YOU ALL!!! so gimme a call and we'll set something up! Also my birthday is coming up on the 29Th. I is so excited!


"When hygienists leave on long vacations that's when dentists scream and lose their patients"


  1. You're home! That's so awesome! I am proud of you and all you've done these last months.

  2. Way to go!!! when can I take you to get your nails done...I have a fantastic new manicurist and she does fun acrylics and sparkly gels and fantastic art on them...let me know day and times you are available and I will set the appointment...Happy Birthday coming up!

  3. I am so glad you are home. We had a great time this weekend, and I can't wait to spend more time with you, and have the family back together again.


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