Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am making the next leap. We have chose LifeLIne as our residential of choice and I start on Wednesday. Anyone who wants to see me for the next little while (family can't visit and I won't be home before christmas) should come NOW. I'm in between on whether I want to go or not, but I'm going. Scared to leave so anyone who wants me to have a rememberance gift while I'm in there may donate now ;). but seriously, Im scared and I'm gonna miss you all. I can write letters and recieve them, so get the info from my parents and write me every day my loves.

I will miss you all and I love you all.

"I'm your biggest fan follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi"



  1. Thank you for being so calm about this - it is a giant step and a scary step but according to your doctors it is a very needed step. Will you get to celebrate Halloween there? Can you take personal items with you - will we be able to send packages or just letters? I love you Makae, Maddie, Mickie,...take care of yourself for us.

  2. I too am a little scared and not sure if you should go or not, though you are going. I know I will miss you. I know I will feel as though my family isn't whole. I know that time when we can't communicate will be really tough on you and on me and on all of us. We love you so much Makae, and I certainly hope that this program can do all we hope and dream it can do. They say 6-10 months with an average around 8. You can be above average here. We will find out all they will let you have and make sure you have that stuff. I love you more that you will ever know till you are a Mom yourself.

  3. We will definitely miss getting to see you! We hope that you are able to find peace and happiness in your life. We'll be cheering for you the whole time!

  4. This is a big step, Makae, and I'm hoping and praying that it will turn out well for you. I've mailed you a card, but forgot to put in the picture that Ben painted for you! I had heard that you can't get letters for the first several weeks, but if you can get letters, we will definitely write to you. I love you a lot, and I hope residential turns out to be a good experience.


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