Thursday, October 2, 2008

School schedule

I've decided to finish it. After we pick up Cade, he has keyboarding and I do math. then we do the two classes of the day. He then does math and I have some free time.d THen we do P.E. together. Then class is over. Usually I get dressed about midday and I love it. I don't HAVE to get dressed at all usually. After that we just hang out until every one else gets home. At the top is what I am dressed like to day . It's starting to get fun and interesting to be home-schooled and i think I may like it just a tiny bit. Today we had computers and our assingment was to put something on our blogs along with a picture or video. If you don't know you can find Cade's Blog at He is just starting and Is really anxious about getting some attention on there so if you can leave him a comment and add him to your list. He will posting alot about ACDC the band he has based it on and Problem Child, the ACDC Song that it is all based on.

In other new, don't you just love my socks!!!

JK here is the scoop on us as of late

I got back on my bike for the first time in like a month yesterday  WHEEE! I practiced some of no handle tricks me and Erika got good at last year including one we call the toe touch because we stick out one leg to look like we are doing a perfect one leg toe touch and some others. 

We are going to Thanksgiving point on Friday with Ben, Simon, and Melinda. We were going with Grandma to but she bailed on us!!

My math is really confusing

I am going to London soon, I hope!! and I get my passport in a few weeks.

And that's all I have time for!!


  1. I have copied this post to my private file. I want a copy of her saying she enjoys home school, so she can't throw it in my face later about how bad it is.

  2. you'll never get it

  3. Yes, I love your socks. I would love to wear socks like that to church. It would be fun to see everyone's expression.

  4. that's hilarious!!

  5. So sorry I bailed...You guys should have come up on Thursday...Saturday was rotten weather but Thursday was gorgeous...and we had our own pet moose!

    And yes the socks are fantastic - they look warm too!! Glad you're liking home schooling. It helps to have smart parents that know how to teach and how to make stuff interesting!!


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