Thursday, October 2, 2008

More, well ME!!

just a picture my dad took of me! look how flawless my skin is!! LOL I HAVE NO PORES!! You never would have guessed I had a huge red angry zit in the middle of my fore head! We took them with Lill's family and this one just happened to turn out the best, be my favorite, and still have me goofing off in it. We took them at the Layton park and this is me sitting on to of one of the beautiful trees there.


  1. Remember when we did those family pictures when Ben was a tiny baby? I got your dad to photoshop my zits away. Yay for photoshop! And I don't think it's fair I have to have zits when I'm in my 30s

  2. Oops! I forgot to tell you that yes, it is a very good picture of you. Cutie!

  3. you are so darling. Come over and play with my girls.....

    call us and come over..

  4. And I loved your sweater too - yes, this shows your craziness and the one on your mom's blog shows your beauty.

    Isn't it great to have a talented dad?

    Oh, and Melinda...I still had zits in my fifties....zits and menopause NOT FAIR!!!!!

  5. Makae, I think it's such a fun picture of you, I actually do like the socks- I wore a lot of crazy orange ones in high school. It was fun getting to see you today! Thanks for all the help you put into making my shower so much fun!

  6. Makae, that is a beautiful picture. It does show your personality, at least the happy version of it. I like it better than the ones on your parents blog. I see you but I also see so much of your mom in this picture.


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