Friday, August 8, 2008

THe Painter

Tarabite and I creeped into the living room. This was a mission not some folly thing. We had to get joshua to talk about Maddie in his sleep. If it was fulfilled we could rest at ease that we had done the right thing and got them back together again when it was my stupid mistake that split them up in the first place. You see when Maddie was little, about three, her dad was very abusive and she often came to our genius babies school with bruises and cuts all over her body. One day it had been especially bad and that happened to be the day she met josh. She acted like she had fallen out of a tree and he believed her so much so that he wanted to hang out with her. Last year they had started going out having been friends since that day. A couple of weeks ago Josh decided he wanted to meet Maddie's dad. She was very coy in keeping him away from her house and one day, as usual, in my morning not awak and not thinking mode, I told him about Maddie's dad. He was horrified by her father, then angry at maddie for having lied to him about it when something could have been done years ago. She told him that her dad just got angry sometimes and that she loved her father and couldn't bear for things to get "taken care of" so they got in a fight. Then the saddest thing in the world happened, the cutest couple to ever walk this earth BROKE UP. Just plain both said I ca't be with you anymore and borke up. Maddie always still talked about josh and we decided (tarabite and I) to get them back together. If we could just get him to think he still loved her then everything would be all right, but I had always been a bit of a clumsy kind of blonde person and surely enough, I tripped over the couch. Josh came out completely freaked in a pair of aerospace boxers and we began to laugh our heads off at him, realizing now who it was. He ran and put on a robe then came to ask what we were doing. I told him all aobut Maddie and how things were for him and he said he still felt the same. I told him he should talk to her tomorrow if he could and we would help. He nodded then turned to look at the clock. As her turned tarabite readied her pouch and we dissapeared as he tried, in his confused stills leeping state, to figure out what those darned numbers meant. When he turned around, we were gone and he was ready for bed.

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