Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling lucky??

Okay so it happens every year to us girls (obviously not to guys because they don't really care what they look like) School starts creeping up on us then it springs. There's a week till school starts, probably a two till I start but still. It's almost time for school, my clothes shopping is done now there's just one things left to do. Find the perfect first day outfit. I know, it sounds like something a teenager would say, oh wait it is!! For guys you throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt the day of. I have spent the last two hours in my mom's bedroom with my clothes trying every shoe, pants, make-up ,shirt, glasses-no-glasses, sock, earring match I can possibly find. My thighs are chafed from taking on and off jeans and my lips hurt from trying on so much lip-gloss. My face has just been scrubbed for the millionth time and I don't know how many times I've accidentally poked myself in the cheek or ear with my earrings. Finally I got the perfect outfit for my hair, earrings, pants, make-up, shirt, glasses, socks and found I have no matching shoes. To top that all off I stood outside for ten minutes ask everyone who passed by what they thought of my outfit for some critique and they all said I looked like a freaky human-bumblebee mix that should be in the psychiatric ward. So much for that outfit, or maybe not. I asked everyone that passed by but they all happened to be old (like the average people who will be reading this!! jk!!) so at least there's some room right? JK!! about all of it!! I did find the perfect outfit but everyone thought it was okay, except for Ethan who has no taste whatsoever anyways. So in honor of my moving and the fact that you all may never see this outfit, I will describe it to you.

Drumroll please ra-ta-ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ta

And now featuring the never before seen, first day of school outfit!!

black skinny jeans, a box neckline shirt with a cute tie in the back to right below my neck there's a little hole, some huge silver hoops with detachable silver stars, no glasses, brown colored make-up, hide-a-way nude socks, my hair neatly tucked back and straightened, and a pair of american eagle slight heels which are black and white with a little white bow and the bottom of where the foot shows and the heel is more like a lift. I will also be wearing liplicous brown sugar lip-gloss and rainkissed leaves body splash both from bath and body works and in case you didn't know both on major sale right now!!

I'm pretty sure that will be the outfit of the season but stay tuned, it might change.


  1. And my room looked like a cyclone hit when I got back from the hospital!!!

  2. So wait a minute...all these plans and you're doing home school. Darn! I guess you'll have the perfect outfit ready by the time you get up to Malad. PS - where did you get your black headband (the one you left here)...I want one.

  3. Makae, you don't wear glasses. Do you???

  4. I remember way back in the dark ages when the first day of school approached I did the same thing!! Of course in THOSE days we had to wear dresses or skirts EVERY day but you can bet I knew a week in advance just which new outfit (that my mother sewed for me!!) I was going to wear - plus jewelry, shoes, headbands (yeah they were the IN thing in high school way back when!!)

    By the way - Kecia brought your SHOE to my house - I guess I better make sure you get it before I head off on my cruise, eh??

  5. That last comment (about the dark ages) was from GRANDMA not Kecia. She was on my computer yesterday and I must still be 'signed' in as Kec!!

    luv you ... grandma Susan

  6. Makae - I sure hope you are feeling better - your mom and dad told me last night what the doctor said and it sounds downright miserable to me. Poor baby. Take care of yourself and get better soon. I love you

  7. LOL. I wear some fashion glasses, I don't know where the headband came from. And also KECIA have you by any chance seen my Miley Cyrus CD? I think I left it there


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