Friday, June 27, 2008

The Painter

I went out after our friends had found the terrified girl. She cocked her head to get a better look at the stranger creature in front of her. I looked back, but not because she was odd. Her wispy hair was blue and gray, the colors of sadness, and looked as though she had never washed or combed it. Her eyes were the normal gray color, but unlike the others, the fire that burned in the back was gone, and so was any spark of light. Her clothes were torn and ruined. She had red blood spilling in many places. She was nearly dead. I walked up slowly and she began to squirm and try to get free. So she was afraid of me. Well I'd fix that soon enough.

The Creeasnts held her in place and I began to treat her wounds, to help her. Slowly, but surely, a little spark started in her eyes. When her wounds were all healed, Creeasnt's wounds have a quick heal, I began to explain what had happened to her lover. I carried his message, but she never batted an eyelid.I began to belief I had the wrong girl when she spoke to her gods in her own tongue.

"Relay this message to him. please my gods! Tell him he has done well, and he fufilled both his missions. To die and to save me. Thank you."

I was confused but I said nothing. She turned to me,"thank you too. Manny would not have relaied the messagy and ignoored meh. I thank you vary moochly."

I spoke in creeasnt to her,"I speak your language fluently. YOu need not try english among us."

She smiled and nodded at the kindess and turned to the others dismissed them. "I need a place to stay and wash. And somewhere to eat"

"I can provide all of that, IF you are willing ot help me and my friends defy the dark lord"
She smiled coyly and nodded. I knew then that her lover was not her set lover, and she had been defying him so years. I knew then that she would be very helpful. I knew then that she would show us the way. And I was glad.


  1. the story is good and interesting, when you finish the outline area, you need to go back and fill in details about the girls and their backgrounds and motivations. great start. Keep at it and you can support me in a couple of years.

  2. ha ha ha!! I will get to everything. Right now I am trying ot copy it all down on to a page and make into a book with reasonable chapters

  3. I liked this chapter because it wasn't so was positive and hopeful. Keep up the good work. When you save it in word or wordperfect you can also use spell check on it!! ;-)

    ps - I hope you had a happy birthday - I thought about you Sunday night about 10 pm when I realized that it was the 29th but it was too late to call. I love you. And I am excited for you - what color is your cell phone gonna be?

  4. Cherry chocolate ....yummm - it's making me hungry!


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