Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Less Stories, More talking

I have decided to put less stories on here and a start to use it as what it is, A BLOG.  So here it goes. Lately I have been home-schooled. Oh joy! IT's actually a lot funner and better that regular school but at the same time I get bored. Let's go through my schedule for you all. In the Morning I usually get up about 7 or 6:45. We have breakfast with the entire family and then Cade heads off to school. Me and mom have my health class and then  we pick up Cade from sunset. I have Geometry with my dad, but I really don't understand a lot of it. Then we have our classes. We have 8 other classes that we rotate throughout so we have five or six classes a day. When Cade gets home, I'll finish this later got to go


  1. So you're liking the home school? I think it would be fun, especially since you have knowledgeable parents. So you get to learn about more individualized stuff rather than what a teacher can teach to a class of 40+ students.

    (PS - yay for more blog type entries!)

  2. I like that too, Maybe then I can actually find out what is going on in your life. Even though I live with you I never know what is going on with you - why is that?

  3. Are you wearing your cute new clothes with matching earrings and hair slides each day?

    Make your dad bring the geometry into your life by applying it to stuff that is important to you. That is the nice thing about individualized classes - MAKE IT REAL!!

  4. Mik~ what a nice thought you left on my blog. This life we live can be so hard, and then we realize how many people around us, love us and want to help.

    Abbey has a blog, you can visit, maybe leave her a message.

    I think she would be thrilled to hear from you!

    You are darling!

  5. Hey Makae! I read both your posts just now, and I am wondering if you wore your first day outfit to be homeschooled? That would be a bummer to have all those cute clothes, and have to stay home. Oh well, I'm sure you get out with your friends a lot!

  6. Hey Makae, I love reading about what you are up to, glad to hear that you don't think home school isn't completely lame. I'm excited to see you soon!


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