Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life as we know it continued

I grabbed the knife from under my pillow and pulled my covers closer around me. Switching on the light I found nothing. So this WASN'T another middle of the night-stay awake-raid done by the other girls. I looked around my room. I started screaming at the top ;of my lungs, when I found nothing. Annie came running in with my little brother Saige.

"What's wrong?"
"Bad dream. Sorry I woke you. Hey, Mom," She forced me to call her mom around her," Can Saige stay in my room. I got a little scared and I think my little boy would make everything better."

Annie eyed me oddly, because I never let Saige sleep in my room, even when he begs for two hours. At this point, Saige was ignoring Annie and jumping up and down screaming,"I get to sleep in Atica's room! I get to stay in Atica's room!"

Annie told him to shutup and began to say slowly that he oculd but why did I want him in there when my bed moved. I told Annie to go to bed and Saige stayed in my room. I asked him to go get me a glass of water, really quick, and he ran out. I then turned to confront the underneath of the bed.I stuck my toe under and something bit it. Hard. I pulled it out and thrust the knife under. The something grabbed it before it reached skin and wrenched my hand, trying to get the knife out of my grasp. I held tight to my only survival tool and gave it a hard in what I assumed to be the chest area. I screeched in an odd voice that only a water elemental protector could hear. So this was a creature from the other world. In other words, NOT GOOD!

Saige chose that moment to speak up,"What's under your bed?"
I flipped around at a record pace and told him"Nothing. Go to bed Saige." In my best teenage sister voice. He left pouting and I returned to grappling with the Icreeasnt(Ick-re-as-net) under my bed. It pulled my closer and kicked at my kneecap. I heard a snap as the kneecap came out of place and broke my leg. It began to pull again, to get my arm this time, when I kicked it in the stomach again. I picked up my bed and moved it so I could see the windless Icreeasnt under my sleeping space. It was Male, obviously young, with a look of malice on it's dark face. It had shrouded itself in clothes in hope that I would not find it's weak area's but it was not prepared for a protector who had studied their bodies for two years. I kicked aobut a foot lower in the stomach and he doubled over in pain. I picked up my knife, grimacing because of the bloody process I had to complete. I stuck it in between The young Icreeasnt's eyes and he whispered something. I bent down, knowing exactly what he knew, that he would die and like all Icreeasnts he would ask me to carry a message to his loved ones.

"My name is Leion. Carry my message Taribite. Tell her I love her and that I died trying to save her."

I then realized what I had done. This young Leion was being forced by the overlord of the other world. He was trying to save his love, Taribite, and he had failed by failing to kill me. I was sorry I had done this, quite remorseful really, but I knew it had to be done. It was him or me, and I was a protector. But still it stung that I had killed one of the very creatures I needed. A Creeasnt who was against the overlord and willing to help us. I could have protected him and his Taribite.

I called Mattie. No answer. I paged her. No answer. I summoned her spirit. It appeared in the middle of my room,"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

I told her the story of what had just happened and she dispatched two of our cCreeasnt friends to find and save the lost and indagered Taribite.


  1. Wow - you have me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next. I do think you need to draw a picture of a tarabite and put it on your blog...HAH!

  2. Tarabite is a Creeasnt. She is not her own species!

  3. Like, I mean, now I understand Totally!!! NOT!! :-)

  4. oh my gosh! your are so silly


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