Monday, June 9, 2008

Life as we know it continued

It was dark and extremely WET when I arrived at Moby's cave. It smelled like rotten fish and dead skunk. The nasty combination had Mattie in tears and the other girls were trying to calm her down. My power had always been water, which was the most calm of elements. AsI arrived she stopped and looked at me smiling. Her eyes had bright red right below them and her lips were still quivering. She stared at me for a minute and then said,"Thank you all for coming. We will have a difficult time in doing this, but it will save us all. I hope you are all prepared." She looked around at our packs and dark clothing,"You know the plan. Ty?"

I created a tidal wave that crashed on the guards post causing them to run to get dry and get shovels to get the washed up fish back in the water, before they died, without touching them and ruining their perfect white gloves. Quite a challenge if you ask me. Tyara used her air skills to grab the keys that would let us past the security, and Camille made us look like the security guards. All in all we slipped in, no problem.

"Mattie?" Camille whispered,"Where is it?"
"I'm coming up blank"

We looked at her for a minute, then I shrugged and got out my flashlight. We began to search the cave. We didn't think we would find it and thought it was another hopeless attempt, tomfoolery made by the king of the Destroying world, the man who so desperately wanted to end this world, the man we so desperately fought against. We didn't find it till Trishy stuck her foot through it by accident and started screaming.


We walked over to her and saw her leg sticking into the wall with not foot.

"So it's a black portal?"
"Guess so," Mattie said sensing that this was it.

I grabbed the stick of dynamite in my backpack. I lite it and threw it in. As trishy covered the explosiong, and Tyara muffled the sound, the rest of us hid under a big boulder for cover. Norw that we had ended this portal we could teleport out. Mattie put her hand in the air and we all grabbed onto it. Seconds later we were on out favorite spot on the beach, and a group of guys with a fire was near us. As we closed in on the guys we realized it was Mattie, Tyara, and my boyfriends, with some friends. We all went to sit down to the accoridng boy and the other four girls sat in a huddle between me and Mattie. after about an hour we all said goodbye and everyone, except me and David, left. We sat there for an hour talking. Then I got tired. He kissed me on the nose and the forehead, and told me I should go get some sleep and tell me more about our adventures tomorrow. I can tell David everything and we are a perfect match, because his power is Ice. We help each other out sometime, though are missions are totally different. I am a protector, he is a Finisher. He goes in with his friends to check up on what we've done and make sure it worked, by going through a special ritual, that they won't tell us about, and then returning to us. It only makes sense that his group of seven should be friends with ours. A few of us are even going out, like me and David.

I headed home and when I arrived my mom had the light on in her office. Good. That meant she was still working and hadn't noticed that it was three A.M. and I was just getting home. When I lifted myself with water into my room She walked in. When thise happens, I pretend I was a klutz and I fell out the window. She doesn't know that I have never been klutzy in my life and it's all an act for her. Oh well. I change into a pair of shorts and a tank top. As I climb into my bed and get settled for a little reading, Annie's, my mom, light goes out. I turn off my own and hit the Hay. The next thing I remember is someone climbing in my window


  1. By the way all the girls are Karma, Mattie, Ashley, Trishy, Tyara, Camille, and the girl telling the story. The boys are David, Samuel, Nathan, Dillan, Zach, Tyson, and Aric. The couples are "I" and David, Mattie and Nathan, and Tyara and Tyler. The first mayor was Koco, the current is Tyleor. Annie is The storytelling girls mom. The storytelling girl's name is Atica. Said Attic-uh. Tyara said Ty-lair-uh. Trishy said Trish-ee. Camille said Ka-mill. Aric said Eric. Koco said coco. Tyleor said Ty-lee-or.

  2. just as long as the person crawling in the window is a friend or a foe, and not a boyfriend!!(yes still the Annie)

  3. lol. it is a foe.


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