Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life as we know it. (acontinuatinon of the painter)

It was a stormy gray night and Mattie had called an emergency meeting at the clubhouse. We were all there in 15 minutes and ready to find out what she had ot say. Little did we know it was going ot turn our lives upsode down and change everything we knew.

"I found an open portal, to Tamara."
"Woah!! wait a minute!!! That means we have," Karma checked her watch,"36 hours and 20 minutes to close or...or..."
"Life as we know it will cease to exsist. the main reason this is so important it, unlike the first portal we foun, it isn't in a painting and i can't change the scene to close it.
"well where is it?'
"Moby's Cave."

We gasped. Moby's cave was the abandoned piece of beach and rocks, the cave in which Captain Moby and his crew had crashed into, killing almost 400 sailors, passengers, and Captain Moby himself. Moby's cave was under constant guard because it was so dangerous and Mayor Tyloer didn't want anyone to get in there. There was no way in or out, at least alive. No one had ever comeout of Moby's Cave. Captain Moby was bringing lost souls and medicine to our small town. After the crash, over 600 sick and wounded died. The plague passed and Mayor Koco helped rebuild Langshire to th point where it was livable. His son, Moby, had died and he was going ot fix everything. His daughter bore a son named Toreck and he became the next president, continuing the mayor's name in Koco's generations.

"That's impossible. We can't do that"
"we have to. Girls, we are the guardians. We must do this."
we nodded in agreement and went home ot pack out supplies for the dangerous task ahead of us


  1. oh my, whats going to happen next?

  2. you'll find out!

  3. this was the first story, right? Not the one with the girl trying to find her mom. But the one about the painter! Just checking.

    You are a great writer. I wonder what would happen if you put this kind of effort into Algebra?!!!!

  4. nothing at all. this isn't any effort. If I put the kind of effort I put into this into my math I would have an F.

  5. SO HAH!!!! I HAVE A C!!!!

  6. A C!!!! Yeah. Way to pull that grade out of the gutter!!


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