Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sick - of school!

I know, I know! I'm home sick and we only have ten days left, but I am still sick of school. It bugs! Mostly it is the people at school, not the actual school, but there is a little bit of that too. I think my math teacher gives to much homework, especially for weekends. Other than that, all of my classes are just goof time. Which sucks, because of the number of Catty girls and rumors that go around. My school happens to be, in my opinion, the most dramatic Junior High any person could possibly live through. And it isn't just the stuff about me that bugs. Some people were calling my friend the "BFG" I asked them what it meant and they replied, "Big Fat Giant. We wanted to say big fat ugly giant but it didn't work out. Neither did big ugly giant or BUG." That made me Mad! Also, almost all the girls in my gym class pick on my friend Joanna. She is bigger and kind of shy. She came to the school about two months ago and these "popular" girls have made her life a living nightmare, the only problem is she can't pinch herself awake! They have started Evey rumor imaginable about her. They have also done horrible things in gym, and lied to the gym teacher, Ms. Nick, so she almost got kicked out of the class. She has spent every lunch period surround by girls picking on her for about 5 minutes, then spends the rest of the period hiding out in Gumbrecht's room with me and her friends. She never takes off her jacket, because when she does the girls call her fat, ugly, and hairy. She has darker skin and black hair, therefore her hair is darker. They tease her and call her horrid names. She ends up crying everyday for at least two or more periods. She doesn't have very many friends. I even get teased for staying friends with her and not being rude to her! I don't care what people say, Joanna is my friend. I have found a few of my friends are in every one of her classes, and though they don't like her, they are my friends and good people, so they stick up for her when I'm not around.

I am tired of my friends being picked on!

It has been fun having grandma watch us for the last few days. She is pretty fun and not to strict. We ran out of airheads and she restocked us and had The Gibson's come over yesterday. It was fun. Mostly she makes sure we do the things were supposed to, like homework and keeping our rooms clean, makes sure she knows where we are, and makes sure we are all fed and to bed on time. She cleaned out dad's office so now we only have to do two things. Move it into his other office (or into storage) and get new carpet! I don't know if you can tell on her blog, but the carpet is creepy! It's scares little children! On Tuesday for Young Women's, my group went to a soup kitchen at 5:45 and I didn't know, so I went with Ashley's group who did a very tiring and invigorating lap around South Weber on bikes and then got ice cream bars at Ray's. We went back around dropping everyone off till it was just me and Ashley. I rode up to Ashley's house then came home and had a shower! After that, I needed one. On Monday night we went to my concert. It was fun, but it was way long. I played pretty well and got my graduating certificate. My teacher is always having car troubles, so she thinks so much of us for putting up with her car. The seniors who are leaving gave her flowers, a poem written by one of them, and a remote control car. They said it was all they could afford! LOL! It was so funny. All in all it has been a fun week so far with grandma here. Hope mom and dad are having fun in Epcot (those stinkers)!

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