Thursday, May 14, 2009


So i have a birthday coming up and I thought I'd post my wish list for every one to buy for me ;).
- New Bike
*- I-tunes money
*- Shopping trip with me^!
*- Money^!
- New spike belt (rainbow from Hot Topic)
- Nail Polish (Lime green, black, neon blue)
- Eye-liner (Green, red, pink, blue, all neon)
*-Skinny Jeans or Candy coloured jeans i.e. neon colours, dark red with sparkles
- Getting my hair done
*- Chuck Taylor Converse High tops or Knee Highs (black, pink, red, or lime green)
- Neon coloured Tank tops
- Small music, band, or rock buttons (Lots of examples at Hot Topic)
- Rock wrist bands or gloves (black or neon colours, rainbow is good to)
*- Claire's gift Card^!
*- Gift cards (Hot Topic, Wal-mart, Shopko, Target, Kohls)^ !
-Fun socks (rainbow, fun designs, neon, toe)

*= I REALLY want it
^!= So I can buy myself some clothes and stuff, since I have weird taste.

So, that's my list this year. Can't wait for my Birthday!


  1. Lets see - sometime between now and the end of June I need to set a shopping date with Makae!!! Fun!! also when is your dance recital so I can put it on my calendar??

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  3. Haha i sooo know what to get you for your birthday :D


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