Monday, May 11, 2009

Unforgettable Moments: Just Me

My favorite picture of my. Don't know why. It shows my crazy, floating on air personality. I think I was thinking about a boy ;)

Dying Easter Eggs. I made some pretty eggs. And they were good to eat afterwards!

Me reading. I was thinking about the book, and I tend to chew on my nails (GROSS) so my dad caught me on camera.

Eating zombie fingers at grandma's Halloween party. Yummy! And making funny face. Look in the corner and you can see Benji looking at me like huh?

Little dead riding hood. LOVED IT!! One of the best Halloweens ever!
Courtney came with me and I went with Kelsey, Emily, and Lauren. We had a crazy good time. Cory Tagged along, and he wasn't to bad, though he has no imagination.

By the river more pics of me. Ain't I gorgeous. And look at that cheesy smile! This is at the Layton park and it's beautiful there.

Smiling cutie. All there is to it. I'm on the bridge. This was actually pretty fun. We fed the ducks and geese and other birds. Courtney and her family came later and they did pictures to. Oh and there was a hot boy there. We kept yelling sexy at us, until he flashed his chest at us.

This is a rock. I thought it looked like a tree :) OOOOH and guess what else!! NO BRACES!!

Just being the goofy girl I am. I've dyed my hair AGAIN, so it's not that color anymore.

The phone that went in the lake. It was an awesome phone. And my old hair color still. BUT not the one in the picture above. I'm listening to music and texting.

Reading a letter on my 13th birthday. Don't you love the messy hair? the bracelet has the YW colors on it. Cute isn't it?

Water skiing at stone. Too bad were not going this year. I Love this place!!! Can't wait to get slalom down!

My old hair color! 13th birthday. I used the money for an Ipod. Oh and my mom is in the corner with her legs all folded nice and perfect. That woman spent forever decorating this room!

These are just unforgettable moments in pictures of my life. I love these pictures and I love how I look in......most of them! My newest hair color will be up soon!


  1. You could call that post the many moods of Makae - aren't you glad you have such a talented dad to catch you in all your different aspects? What a fun blog - thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are fun pictures! You have loads of personality. :)

  3. Yep the many faces of Makae. As I recall I told you to be creative and funny in the two you like so well. See I am a good director. I love you!

  4. you look a lot like your mom did when we were younger, loved the pictures, you are a very pretty girl.


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