Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Warning: anyone who puts a snotty comment about me already having had a name will end up with their head in a toilet or their house trashed :)

My youngest cousin on the Crittenden side has never called me anything but "you" and "hey". Well needless to say I got tired of that but I  got used to it. My aunt called me and asked me to babysit for a weekend two weeks ago and by the end of the weekend she had finally gotten used to the idea of kissing me. Then I went to have a sleepover with Alicyn's other babysitter, since we became good friends, and Kaleigh Bear was as excited as could be to see me. SO when I got there she Ignored "hashy" (ashley) and gave me a big hug and kiss. I picked her up and played with her for a while and she told me she loved me! I thought that was so cute and I was so happy I thought It can't get any better today, when she said Mickey!! Milk Mickey!!! now of course she was ordering me to get something for her, but she said my name!!!!!!!!! WE had a family party and she saw a picture of me from about a three weeks ago and pointed at it and said "Mickey" She then proceeded to walk me around the house and point out anything that looked vaguely like me and call it mickey. Her mom called me this morning to ask If I could watch her for a little while and Kaleigh started playing with her pants so she hung up and called me back. She had told Kaleigh she was going to Mickeys house and Kaleigh had gotten so excited and she could seem to wait to see mee!!!!!!! Our house is usually known as Jace's to the boys but now it's Mickey's house!! I can't wait to see the little cutie!! she'll be here in a few so I'm getting off to hide all my valuable stuff!! TTYL


  1. what happened to my first comment?

  2. Yay for Mickey! That's cute she decided to call everything Mickey.

  3. The first comment I made was "isn't it fun to be loved by your cousins ... it will be even more fun when its your nieces and nephews.
    Just ask Kecia and Kelly!! You guys loved to come to our house cause you had somebuddies what loved you lots!


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