Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ok so all of the sudden yesterday, my new ipod wouldn't turn on, it wouldn't charge, the computer acted like nothing was even plugged in. We waited all yesterday to see if maybe it was just being tempermental, and tried to turn it on this morning. If still wouldn't turn on but luckily my mom had bought a two year warranty. We went to the website and they asked a bunch of questions like has it been dropped, has it been in water, has it been stepped or sat on. None of them had happened so we figured good, they will fix the problem because it is obviously internal. Wrong. They told us that we had bought a two year warranty two month previous and we were like so what's the problem? Well apparently the warranty doesn't work until THREE MONTHS AFTER YOU BUY IT!! When my mom bought the warranty they said ti would be put in to effect IMMEDIATLY. We told them this and they said ti was still up to the retailer to warranty it. Well howdy-do the seller/retailer is on ebay and he is obviously not going to do anything about it. The warranty from apple has been dead for about two years now since, though it hasn't been used hardly at all, it is a three year old ipod. Anyways me and my mom checked out the main website and it cost a lot to fix it but we found out that it was alot easier to fix than we thought but still.


  1. I hate the way they present a warranty or insurance and then they find a way to back out of it! That is sooooo ridiculous - a 2 year warranty that doesn't START for three months! It's like the insurance on my cell phone - it quit working one day and I kept messing around with it for 24 hours and finally got online to file for insurance and it wouldn't have been covered EXCEPT for the fact that after it quit working I stuck the stupid phone in my pants pocket at Lagoon and it got wet on the Rattlesnake Rapids - the warranty covered it for water damage and I got a new phone in the mail the next day! ! ! !

  2. it made me pretty upset. Why would I buy a warranty for stuff on E-bay that doesn't start for three months. What a rip-off. I canceled it!


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