Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As this seems to be a year in which many in our family, starting with Melinda, and the latest being Jamie, have been sharing personal experiences and trials, I decided to post about every girl in our family (since the boys don't blog much)

So let's start with the beginning, with Grandma. Recently she sent me an e-mail in which I was supposed to describe her in one word and I said Grandma. I'm sure others would have said other things but whenever I think of you, I think grandma. You asked what that meant to me. Well it means someone fun, someone interesting, someone who loves me and my brothers, and someone who knows how to shop. :D Grandma has five kids, biologically, and five more through marriage. Ten kids!  She has lots of grandchildren and probably more to come, as kecia no doubt is just getting started, and Jamie will soon be trailed by her own little group of followers I'm sure. The biggest thing that grandma is for me though, is not something you can describe. She IS grandma.

My Mom, this one is a little closer to me as, well dang SHE GAVE BIRTH TO ME!!! so MOM, you might want to save this to your files because your never going to get this again. She is most of the time, the one I turn to when I have a problem, or when I'm sad. she encourages me and I know she loves me. She is the mom every girl wants I think. The one that she can fight with over clothing and totally insult, but it's like a best friend, and she will turn around and talk back and make a joke out of it. And of course, like most moms she is the one that you can totally hate two minutes ago but your friend just texted you mean, and now you can cry on her shoulder.

The next one I'm close to is Kecia. Weird huh? Kecia, is to me, what my mom was to her. I spend some weekends at her house, I love her baby, she takes me places, she's fun. Kecia, to me, is the girl that you want to go on a girl's day with, because she is SUCH a girl!! And not only is she an amazing aunt, but she is a great cook. If you don't know that, you better let her make you a meal! She gets me most delicious recipes and makes them so well, and she can make cake and ice cream look so good you don't want to eat it!! I love Kecia and I love being with her. She also hits a little closer, because of her dance experience.

Melinda, everyone messes up memories and everyone has those really bad experiences. You have two amazing little boys, and a husband in Afganistan. It's not going to be an easy ride. Personally, I know that she is abosultely jumping inside for when Dirk gets home. before they changed the date, we asked her how many weeks and she instantly said three. We said I thought you  weren't counting and she's like I'm not counting days, Just weeks. but of course we all know that in her calendar in her mind, she is marking off every day until he comes home. I don't blame her. Melinda is one of the nicest ladies I know, and her sons are absolutely silly! She lives far away but she blogs enough that we can have a bit of the feel of her cuties. She struggled, like we all do in life, and she won. 

Jamie, trying so hard to conceive a child. I believe that you would make an amazing mother, not only from watching you with the little boys, but also because you yourself have a little bit of a child in you. You and kelly both. I personally think that, though patience is hard, If the rest of us watch for a few years, we will slowly start seeing you carting around a kid on your hip while being dragged by another one's hand to go look what he/she found. And the greatest thing of all, is that the they will be yours. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be. You wil be a great mother, because you are a great aunt.  

Mauri, dealing with a child, who has a problem. I don't know how it is as a mother, but I know as a sister and a cousin, that kids who have problems, are hard to deal with, but you still love them. Bipolar is very difficult, and my mother wondered if I had it also, because the smallest things could set me off. I know that Caleb must be very difficult, but I know for a fact that, from watching you with your kids, you still love him. I know that you must having the hardest time ever, but at the same time, I am proud of him. He's my cousin and I can say that he's one of the smartest little boys I know. You are an amazing person, and you have  wonderful kids. I hope that Caleb can get better and easier, and I hope that you will have an easier time with him

I know in others minds they don't really count but I want to say something about the girls too

Adrie, you are an amazing cousin. I have to say your are also STUNNING as you told me on Tuesday. You are smart, I don't think your mom could manage without you. You are so fun to be around, and you are silly. You are also on of the prettiest girls I know, and no matter how you do your hair you look beautiful. I hope school is going well, and I can't wait to see you next.

And the last girl that isn't me. Emma!! Hey cutie!! Mommy has to read this to you!! I love you and I love seeing you! You are so cute and you are going to be just as pretty as Adrie someday. I love your smile, and if you get thin anytime soon I will have to cry for lack of those cute chubby rolls! I love you as a baby but I also can't wait for you to grow up and to be old enough to play with me and Adrie at parties! We all love you and you are the cutest baby is the world, even if you don't wear clothes all that often!!

I love every girl in this family, and I don't think the family would be complete with only some of us. I love you all!!!


  1. WOW - When did this 13 year old turn 23?? She sounds way tooo mature to be just a teenybopper. You hit the nail on the head with every one of the females in the family. You know, there aren't very many of us!! We definitely need a girls night out!! Lets do something fun even if it is just a movie night at Jamies's (they have the biggest TV!) and lots and lots of chocolate and nummies!!

  2. sounds good. I'm not 23 I'm just smart! :D

  3. What a sweet post! I like your new background. I'm honored to get the "great cook" award. I need to make my chocolate cake for you DIE for. So good you don't even WANT ice cream with it.

    I'll call mom and if I'm not feeling worse tomorrow maybe you can come down.

  4. I talked to Mom and she said she'll call you. Probably not this week, but maybe next.

  5. You're very insightful. Yep, I'm counting days until Dirk gets here!

  6. Hey what happened to little Mickey? Has an alien taken over her mind? She's reasonable and smart, and .... Okay so the post is amazing.

    One comment in regards to Da, She says weeks, admits to days and really means hours or even minutes.

    To bad we guys are so bad about blogging. Melinda commented to me that it would be interesting to see what you had to say about the boys. I had to agree.

    If you can it would be fascinating, if not, I understand, we boys haven't blogged enough to give you the material you need to accurately describe us.

  7. Wow, I need to check up on your blog more often! Thank you for such a nice post and for your support. You are one smart chica!


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