Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emotions (the Male Side)

After Dirk commented on it I thought a post on the boys would be interesting so here they are. they are short since there are so many of you

Grandpa-A really fun neat guy. He speaks German and he travels a lot. Married to Grandma, He is really childish in his love for firecrackers.

Dad-Also very childish and traveling alot for the same reasons, this is the man who helped create me. I can't say I like him all that often as he is my math teacher, but he is a fun dad, and he is a dork. He always tickles the heck out of me and wants to go do stuff outdoors.

Dirk-The Army Man, with two brats and a wife living in Utah, while he's over in afgahnistan. Not the best place to be, but who says he had a choice? He is very smart, and at a time I knew him better, since I lived with him, but I'm sorry to say this isn't that time.

Ira-Mauri's husband has a somewhat disgusting, but hilarous sense of humor. Like most of the male species, I don't know him all that well.

Kelly-One word to sum up kelly would be Truck. JK but he does love that truck. He owns half of the boat and he enjoys it as much as we do. WIth two kitties, a doggie, and a wifey he can't be too lonely.

Glenn-A musical artist, like his wife he wins an award, for the funnest uncle. With his skills at art and making kids laugh it's no wonder he's a hit, and at the same time he has some very serious musical side in there, usually covered up by playing and sleeping.

Cade-My brother, not much to say. He's a brother. I love him at times, I hate him at times, and most of the time I just want to dump Ice cold water all over him, or make him look like he wet hispants before he meets someone.

Jerod-I've never been buddy buddy with Jerod and I don't know much about him. He's cute though

Ethan-My mom says he's calm I say he's annoying. I do love him but it's the same story as cade. Plus he has a lot of friends that are girls so you can guess what i do to him about that.

Jace-By far my favorite brother at times. Same story as the others, but he is a little bit tempermental so you have to be careful what you do.

Josh- About the same as Jerod, I can't tell him from his twin

Caleb- See Josh. Also has a hard time with Bipolar, but we still love him

Benji-My favorite Male cousin. He doesn't say much just laughs and points and pulls. I have lots of fun with him and I owuld love to sp[end a weekend at theri house (melinda?)

SImon-The baby, he is cute, but I haven't seen him much, don't know him well, and frankly all I can tell is he's happy and smiley, and of course cute as a button.

There you have it, mostly a bunch of "don't know that well"s but it's all true


  1. The one word that comes to mind to describe Kelly is "dog." That boy loves his mutt.

    I laughed out loud about Grandpa and true.

  2. I told her she forgot to mention how Uncle Dirk babysat her and played with her when he lived with us, and how close she was to him then. She replied I don't remember that I was too young! So I guess you and Da will have to come back and we can do it again so she can remember it this time! ;>

  3. Your comment on Jared and Josh and Caleb reminded me of how I used to get all of my boy cousins mixed up in my mind...they were just a whole lot of little boys that drove us older girls wasn't until our family reunions when they were adults that I finally started telling them apart. Of course - there were 24 of them!!! Not just three.

  4. Well done Makae.

    Hmm not sure we'd all fit in your house Kris. Though it would be fun. I certainly enjoyed my time living there. And Da would enjoy having the full time babysitters.

  5. Yup, pretty much described Kelly! lol Now it's time to do the girls, Makae! ;)

  6. Oops, never mind. You have done one on the girls. I am a nerd.


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