Monday, April 21, 2008

The Painter

She wiped her forehead with me dirtied hand leaving a green smudge that covered her entire upper head. Ashley pointed it out and we all looked in the mirror and laughed at our faces, and clothes. We were covered from head to toe in rainbow colors and weird mixtures that came from who know where. This is the story, but it's not my story. This is the story of The Painter and her friends. Mattie Anna Sam Kunkel was the best artist you would ever met, and she was the only artist I had ever met. We always joked about the fact she like to paint masks on people and her initials spelled mask. She was an odd girl, even for a 17 year old. Her red hair was constantly filled with different colors, left over from her painting projects, As were her clothes. The only thing that wasn't this way was her silver sequined shoes. She always wore these shoes to school. She also wore a set of many color-stained gloves that were at one time white.they went up to her elbows and she almost never took them off, unless she was really proud or it was a special occasion. The most exciting thing was that at my musical, she took the gloves off AND gave them to me to wear! Her eyes were a stormy blue, kinda like the ocean when it is recovering from a hurricane. The most special thing about Mattie was the fact that she could control colors. We all had our special Abilities, or as we liked to call them, Talents. Hers was amazing, and becuase of it and a bit of talent she became one of the most famous painters in the world. But this story comes before all of that.

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  1. You always start good stories. They all seem like they would be great stories, you just need to finish one of them. Then you can earn tons of money and support me!!!!


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