Saturday, September 12, 2009

A christmas list, a bit early

I think ahead. Way ahead, to the december month, and what I want.

A straightener like Alicyn Hall's

My Phone back

Ipod Nano Generation 2 or 4 in green or purple. (Ebay is great! and sells for about 60)

Spa Certificate (Beyond Spa)


New Custom Converse (see my mom for details on all custom things) (

Size 16 pincher gauges.

Pretty short and to the point. Doesn't leave much but money for others, but I want clothes so ya!!!

On a side note, anyone who reads this who needs a babysitter, please call. I need the money!!! and I do love kids =}


  1. Well if you give that list to everyone, how am I supposed to know what to get you! Or since we are cutting way back on Christmas this year, you figure this way you might get those things from others?

    Hope you make our like a bandit. It just won't be from us!!! Love ya - Mom

  2. maybe you can come babysit grandpa??

  3. Why are you posting this so early??
    Good luck on getting those things though...!

  4. I love making wish lists. The problem with making them too early is that I usually change my mind by Christmas.
    I'm not sure how often you check your blog comments so you may not get this in time...or I may call you tomorrow (it's probably too late to call you now). Rick and I have TONS of yard work tomorrow morning/afternoon so I was wondering if you can come entertain the "littles" while we work. Call me. Jennie

  5. well I figure alicyn from ali, phone and Ipod from rents, spa from granny, clothes from grandma and whoever is left (willden's) can split the 50 for the converse all together.

  6. Your wish list is awesome!

    If we ever go out we'll be sure to give you a call to babysit...we are just losers who stay home all the time :)


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