Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 am and scared sleepless

And that's exactly what I am. I am so afraid of what the outcome of this call might be that I am unable to sleep. Reading I can't concentrate on and nothing seems to entertain.

In four hours we find out. Scared? Me to.

"There is no fear but death itself"

Well sorry Plato or whoever wrote this, but You are wrong!

signing off



  1. I know you are worried, but think about it this way, whatever they decide is what they feel is best for you!! So look at it not as a death sentence, but as a gift for a bright and beautiful future. I love you.!!

  2. I would be nervous too, but like you're mom said, this could be an amazing life changing gift. We are all praying that God will guide those making the decision for the best possible outcome for our Mickey. Even Emma is praying for you, at least she said "AMEN." We love you so much Makae, so so so so so much. I hope you know that.

  3. You have the inner strength to make the best of whatever is handed you - you know best what pain you have faced this last couple of years - we want to find a way to take this pain from you and let you find the happiness and joy that life can give - and I am sure that you want it too - I am praying so hard for you right now!


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