Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tongiht should be exciting

For a long time I thought a girl in my ward was very popular and therefore stuck up. I recently read aobut  osme problems she has been having lately. I realize I was really wrong about her and she's a great person (Hi Abbs!) tonight we are doing a nursery for the Relief Society togetherl. I hope it goes well! Can't Wait. By the way everyone you can now access my dance blog as


  1. How'd it go tonight Mickie?? I remember years (and years and years) ago in high school there were so many people who thought I was stuck up and instead I was just terribly SHY. Keep your heart open to everyone. Dear Abby had a good article this week by a 13 year old who was tired of being shunned because she was sooooo shy. Abby told her that she could always be charming ... reaching out to everyone as a friend and as someone who was always interested in what and how they were doing. People always love it when you ask them about themselves!

  2. That's great you realized she's just another person in need of a friend. I've been pretty shy too, and I always loved it when someone gave me a chance to be a friend anyway. I hope nursery went well.


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